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About the Game

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ProtoMasons is a multi-player life simulator and sci-fi sandbox game. Host and join online servers with your friends as ProtoMasons, and build miniature virtual worlds together using flying robots, industrial-themed mini-games, and a simulated marketplace.

ProtoMasons is perfect for custom role play, or as a casual multi-player social space. The game also comes with the 'Studio Gift Creator' with Workshop integration, which lets you create, share, and download interactive furniture and decorations, to truly customise your miniature worlds.

  • Give your character a nickname, dress and customise their look, then fulfill their needs as you visit servers; hunger, thirst, energy, warmth, and buzz.
  • Ingredient-based manufacturing system lets you create materials, goods, and electronics using a variety of minigames, including a "grade index" to rate the quality of what you make
  • Roleplay friendly novelty minigames allow you to cook meals, write books, create fake websites, and more
  • Architectural designer lets you design buildings on "purple prints", which are constructed by robotic "Proto-pal" helpers, allowing you to make multifloor buildings with teleporters, doors, windows, wallpaper, and a block-based paint tool to add extra shape
  • Server-based marketplace lets you buy goods, or announce your company to fellow players, complete with AI businesses and customers
  • Simulated micro-world with viruses and bacteria, where players can catch viruses. Cure illness and disease using medicines and hospital equipment, such as the scanner, IV fluid machine, or surgery table
  • Day / night system with simulated weather and daylight hours based on real-world patterns, complete with seasonal temperature changes
  • 'Studio Gift Creator' allows you to design your own interactive furniture, decorations, maps, and more (for the Workshop or for your own server)
  • Bonus "solo mode" lets you play on your own private server, and complete missions for interactive NPCs in a variety of premade worlds (under construction, please see EA details for this)